Academic Figures

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Create readable, color and high contrast figures for publications
Updated 17 Aug 2015

Academic Figures provides the command `afigure` that behaves as `figure` but creates
a readable figure to embed it in a text document. Academic Figures produces figures
with these properties by default (they can be customized):
1. White background instead of gray or operating system defined.
2. Large font size for legend, axis labels, ticks and title.
3. Wider lines when plotting.
4. No blank space around the chart. Thus, the image can be saved to a file without any
5. Color and gray colormaps that keep the high contrast even when printed as grayscale.
6. Chart box and grid enabled by default.
7. The dimensions and size ratio can be fixed.
8. It nicely fits `plot` and `bar` commands.

Its usage is very simple. Just type `afigure` before any of your `plot` or `bar` commands.
You can check `AcademicFigures_Example` to show a complete example.

You can also call `aplot` or `abar` directly without calling `afigure` first. These
have the same input and output parameters as `plot` and `bar`.

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Inspired by: CMRmap.m, AdvancedColormap

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To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.