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IEEE 15 Bus Radial System

version (51 KB) by jaikumar Pettikkattil
IEEE 15 bus radial network power flow


Updated 14 Oct 2014

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Simulink Model of IEEE 15 Bus radial network power system with Load Flow

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saad ouali

I'm looking for Line Data and Load Data for this system
Hope you can help

Are you have Simulink Model of IEEE 34 Bus radial network power system and IEEE 4 bus?

Mohamed Ali

Dear sir, Are you have the model design of optimal capacitor location using Intelligent technique for 34 bus or 123 bus systems!
help as you can!

Mahmoud Saleh

Can I know from where did u get ur data for such systems, I mean the impendences of the lines and the loads, is it an existing system, or from Ieee standard ?

Dear Jai,

Can you check your bus system again? On doing the load flow analysis (in the powergui box), I found that bus 3 and bus 4 are at same load angles, so how can power flow between them? Also buses 11,12 and 13 (sinks) are at higher angle than bus 3 (source). How is that possible? I think there is a major flaw in this system you used.

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