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Process manager

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Matlab class for launching and managing asynchronous processes


Updated 12 Aug 2017

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A Matlab class for launching and managing processes that run asynchronously from the main Matlab process. This can already be done with something like system('dir &'); but processManager makes it easy to:
> launch and manage multiple processes
> peek to check on the progress of running processes
> capture & display stdout and stderr streams of each process
> issue event notifications when processes finish

while allowing you to continue working in the main Matlab process.

Installing Steve Eddins's linewrap function is useful for dealing with unwrapped messages. His xUnit test framework is required if you want to run the unit tests.

p = processManager('command','ping');
p.printStdout = false; % To keep the process running silently,
p.check(); % ... Check process status
p.printStdout = true; % When you want to see the io stream again
p.stop(); % Terminate

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Inspired: EnergyPlus Co-simulation Toolbox