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Communications Toolbox Support Package for Xilinx Zynq-Based Radio

Design and prototype SDR systems using Xilinx Zynq-based radio


Updated 10 Mar 2021

Editor's Note:

This support package is currently unable to download third-party software for MATLAB R2017a and earlier versions. For details and workaround, see this Bug Report.

MATLAB R2017b and later versions are unaffected.

Design and verify practical SDR systems using Communications System Toolbox™ Support Package for Xilinx® Zynq®-Based Radio. With the support package, you can use a Xilinx Zynq FPGA board with an RF FMC card as a standalone peripheral for live RF data I/O. When paired with HDL Coder™, customize the algorithms running on the FPGA hardware using HDL code generation.

This support package is functional for R2014b and beyond.

Comments and Ratings (40)

White Burn

I successfilly downloaded this package after 4 times trying with VPN. My version is R2020b. If any one need it just email me to "".

Yianni Christou

does not download or work on windows


After 2017 version of the Matlab, running SDR has some problems. In order to successfully run the SDR, first copy the package to the SD card and then use the matlab to copy over that for final SD card to work well. If you have the blank SD card, the image file created by MATLAB may not be successful. I spend lot of time and MATLAB has not been fixed yet. In order to overcome, you need two steps to combine the SD card image as well as MATLAB creating some image files.
Good Luck to all of you.

Zhichao Rong

下了几十遍了还不行,谁有本地的分享我一下呗enzorong@live.com谢谢。Seems impoosible for a successful download. Anyone who have a copy can you share it with me, please?


Hi everyone,
i would like to install this toolbox in Matlab 2020b but i've got error message. Somebody know how i could overcome this issue?

xioabo li


Yingze Yang

austin song

I can't install it too.

kamal Tourche

thank you so much for yuor support and assistance

Emin Cetin

You need an SD memory card that is configured with the firmware of this support package. The firmware includes the embedded software and the FPGA programming file necessary for using the radio hardware as an I/O peripheral. ""If you have already configured an SD card with this image, skip this step.""

how can we configure the SD card except the host pc which is setup for radio hardware. We have no internet connection in the host pc, I have to configure the sd card in another PC which is connected to internet. But i can't even know the firmware/file name to write into sd card.

Riya Yadav

RABIAI Mohammed

Thanks for this useful libraries
Nevertheless, it will be more and more useful if u insert in the next version the capability of carrier frequency independent configuration in the case of the fmcomms5-ebz associated with the zc706 developement kit.
the actuel one dosen't give this feature. we are in the obligation to work with same carrier frequency (ad9361 chipA and a9361 chipB).

Zhen Jiang

Couldn't download the file or install.


Even though the above communication toolbox for Linux version is downloaded.
It does not install "Xilinx Zynq linux Binaries". Hence, zynq radio does not get installed for Linux version.
Can some one solve this problem in matlab? Thanks for your help.


The above tool box "Communications Toolbox Support package for Xilinx Zynq-based Radio" is not working for Linux version.
However, it is ok for the Windows version. As Lihao Zhang said below on Nov 4th, it is still not fixed yet.
Can Matlab fix this problem? Thanks and await your kind progress.

lihao Zhang

The above communication toolbox can not be installed.
Always get an error to report to technical support.


The above communication toolbox can not be installed or downloaded.
Always get an error to report to technical support.
Can someone help me to fix this problem?
Thanks a lot.

Artem Kobets

Not working on Zedboard, last strings in uart console:
Starting sshd: OK
Starting telnetd: OK
Backing up SSH keys to the SD card: OK
thttpdStarting IIO Server Daemon
Starting TCF Agent
[1B][0;31mzynq> [1B][m

Neil MacEwen

As of today, all download errors have been fixed. Please note that for R2017a and earlier versions, you must follow the instructions given in the bug report referenced in the Editor's Note.
If you are still having installation problems, please contact MathWorks Support:

Fabricio Toasa

Failed to download the third-party software:
Xilinx Zynq Radio Linux Binaries

I have version R2018a, some solution to this error

di yuan

i can't download the whole package and i am not able to run the SupportSoftwareInstaller.exe


Ejaz. S

Nor able to install neither download...Tried all the rocket science strategies...Dear Matlab fix bugs before uploading...

Ejaz. S

XingXiang Peng


I had the same error - Running MATLAB as administrator solved it for me!

Marcin Pol

Is it possible to use Xilinx ZCU102 board with these examples?

Nitesh Guinde

" Something Unexpected Occurred To resolve this issue, contact Technical Support"

ck shen

I solved this problem by reinstalling the MATLAB。
" Something Unexpected Occurred To resolve this issue, contact Technical Support"

Husam Alzaq


I can't install it too.

"Something Unexpected Occurred
To resolve this issue, contact Technical Support"

What is the problem?

habiba lahdhiri

i can't install the package i have a error message
anyone has a solution for this ?

Dmytro Krush

I've the same error messsage, also in Matlab 2017b :

Something Unexpected Occurred

To resolve this issue, contact Technical Support

Dmytro Krush

ck shen

When I was installing this driver, the following info display"
Something Unexpected Occurred

To resolve this issue, contact Technical Support"
My matlab version is 2017b. What's the problem?

Ø Íbid


This HW support package is perfect for rapid prototyping of radio configurations. The latest release allows to place your signal processing algorithms directly onto the FPGA fabric where they can be executed with speeds up to 60Mhz/sample.
There is limited access to the AD9361 registers though. It would be nice to be able to read register values for RSSI etc.
Overall, a very impressive product, that allows engineers with little to no experience in HDL design to program FPGA HW for SDR purposes.

Mukesh Chugh

Hi Yara,

The Support package for Xilinx Zynq-Based Radio is not available for R2014a. This is released for R2014b only and therefore, you must install this on MATLAB R2014b.


Yara Burema

Hi, I am getting the following error trying to install this package: "Communications System Toolbox Support Package for Xilinx Zynq-Based Radio is not available for this release of MATLAB". I am running the R2014a ( 64-bit (maci64) Feb 11, 2014 Student Version on a Macbook Air OS X Yosemite 10.10.1. It seems the problem is related to the required MATLAB 8.4 (R2014b) release which I do not have due to just having the student version. Is there a previous version of this package available that works with the MATLAB 8.3 (R2014a)?

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2014b
Compatible with R2014b to R2021a
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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