simple lightweight workaround to get keyword arguments (kwargs) in Matlab
Updated 17 Aug 2015

Specify default values in your function. Pass a structure of variables that you wish to overwrite, and kwargify will update that. You can decide to overwrite some, all, or none of the values. You can also pass additional values.
It works by basically overwriting the fields of your default options structure with any that are specified in your charge structure.

Please see the github page for full info:

Example usage

%% Example 1
% I want to call myFunction, but I just want to use the defaul options and not specify any kwargs

%% Example 2
% Now I want to overwrite the default value for b, and add an extra one d, so I will specify my kwargs here. You can call them opts though if you prefer.
kwargs.b = 5;
kwargs.d = 4;

% call myFunction with these kwargs

myFunction is your function which will have the following general form:

function myFunction(exampleRequiredArgument,kwargs)
% If you want your function to work with kwargs, then you have to specify
% default options in a structure here. These will be overwritten by
% fieldnames in the kwargs structure. If kwargs are not provided (ie
% kwargs=[]) then the detaults are used.

% Default options
opts.a = 1;
opts.b = 2;
opts.c = 3;

% display the default opts
display('defaults are:'), opts

% This is where the magic happens ~~~
opts = kwargify(opts,kwargs);
% ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

% display the updated opts
display('after using ''kwargify'': '), opts

display(exampleRequiredArgument+ opts.b)


Cite As

Benjamin (2024). kwargify (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.