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Updated 26 Feb 2015

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This utility contains several separate functions for analyzing IQ values:
1) iqClassification(IQ) returns a structure containing the IQ classification based on several methodologies.
2) iqToNumberOfPeople(IQ, populationSize) computes the number of people having the specified (or larger) IQ value within a total population size
3) numberOfPeopleToIQ(numberOfPeople, populationSize) computes the IQ based on the number of people within a total population size that have the same or larger IQ value
Usage examples:

>> iqClassification(124)
ans =
WAIS_IV_2008: 'Well above average'
WJ_III_2007: 'Superior'
DAS_II_2007: 'High'
KABC_II_2004: 'Above average'
SB5_2003: 'Superior'
RIAS_2003: 'Moderately above average'
CAS_1997: 'Superior'
KAIT_1993: 'Well above average'
SB4_1986: 'Superior'
WJ_R_Cog_1977: 'Superior'
Wechsler_Bellevue_1939: 'Superior'
SB2_1937: 'Superior'
Levine_Marks_1928: 'Very bright'
Pintner_1923: 'Very bright'
SB1_1916: 'Very superior intelligence'
std_value: 1.6
fraction_of_population_above: 0.054799291699558
fraction_of_population_below: 0.945200708300442
additional_info: ''

>> numPeople = iqToNumberOfPeople(124, 140000)
numPeople =

>> IQ = numberOfPeopleToIQ(350, 140000)
IQ =

Vectors of input data are also accepted, for example:

>> numPeople = iqToNumberOfPeople(100:10:150, 140000)
numPeople =
70000 35349 12770 3185 536 60

For additional usage and technical information refer to the functions' internal help comment.

Note: my daughter has an IQ of 150 and I wanted to understand what this means. So naturally I used Matlab for the analysis. The resulting functions may perhaps be overkill, but they sure are a lot of fun...

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