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A plot/plotyy alternative (data exploration optimized).


Updated 3 Jul 2023

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Editor's Note: This file was selected as MATLAB Central Pick of the Week

This toobox, containing the plt plotting routine (an alternative to Matlab's plot & plotyy) has been obsoleted. If you have been using plt in your work, don't worry since it is still still available in a new toolbox called pltSig. In fact the plt plotting routine is better than ever, with several new features added. The new toolbox is called pltSig because its focus is more about the included signal processing applications that I have developed (using plt of course).
Although the code has been removed from this toolbox, I haven't deleted the plt toolbox entirely so that you can access the reviews and discussions. After the new toolbox has gained a foothold, with reviews and discussions of its own, I will remove the old plt toobox from the file exchange.
As before, contact me using the email address shown below with any questions you have about plt and the new applications in the pltSig toolbox.
Paul Mennen

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Created with R2021b
Compatible with any release
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Version Published Release Notes

Replaced with a newer toolbox called pltSig


plt 29Mar20 release:
- Changes required to maintain compatibility with Matlab R2021b and newer
- Added a new example program in the demo folder called pub1.m
- See release notes for a complete list of changes


Small esthetic improvement to the trace ID box. See release notes for other minor changes.


Minor bug fixes and documentation updates. (See release notes in help file.)


This is the same as the version I uploaded earlier today. I had to resubmit the file because I forgot to check the "Package as a toolbox" box.


Added features to one of the demo programs (editz.m), added one auxiliary function (funcStart.m), and fixed a major bug with subplots. Other minor bug fixes and documentation improvements. See release notes in the help file for details.


Changes for compatibility with R2020b. Added data editing for intensity maps. Added a new demo program (drawgray.m). See release notes for details.


Type "plt help" at the command window and click on "Release notes" (under Getting Started).


plt 16Jun20 release:
- Added a new demo program called xChart.m
- Renamed the dice.m demo to dice3.m to avoid a collision with a file in the image processing toolbox.


- Added a new demo program called gpsLog (GPS data analysis and simulation).
- Also several bug fixes & help file improvements.


The toolbox adds the demo folder to the path. Please try "demoplt.m". If it doesn't run move the demo folder to the top of the path or CD to the demo folder first. (Some of the demo function names may be used in other toolboxes)


Updated for compatibility with the latest Matlab releases.
Includes the true source code (i.e. preprocessor input) for the first time and the preprocessor is also included as part of this release.
Also several bug fixes & help file improvements.


The data editing features were rewritten to make them more natural to use.
The editz.m demo was updated accordingly. You will quickly see the improvement
compared with the previous version of editz. Also several bug fixes & help file improvements.

Many improvements to the image pseudo object. A new demo program was added to demonstrate these enhancements. Also many other changes included this release which you will find summarized in the release notes.

This update was prompted by users who reported a few bugs in the
version I released two weeks ago. These bugs have been fixed and also several
example programs were improved. See the release notes for details.

This update introduces the 'Fig' parameter for creating figures with multiple plots (demonstrated by the plt50 & pub3 examples). The previous method (using 'Subplot') is still just as useful.
Each method has their own advantages. See release notes.

The most significant update to plt in many years.
- Extended from its historical 2D roots into the domain of 3D function plotting.
- Several new pseudo objects, auxiliary functions, and demo programs.
See release notes for details

Major improvement in the subplot capabilities. See the release notes in the help file for details

Too many changes to list here. Please see the release notes in the plt help file.

- Added the multiCursor for viewing cursors on all traces simultaneously.
- Added the xView slider for scrolling thru large data sets.
- Minor bug fixes & documentation updates.
See release notes for details.

Most extensive plt update years:
- GUI building tools added. (See help file section "GUI building with plt").
- Several new plt parameters added
- New programming examples added
- Support for Matlab R2014b
See the release notes for details.

Too many enhancements and bug fixes to mention here. Please check out the release notes in the help file

Despite my earlier release only 30 days ago, I was compelled to update it now because of a significant number of enhancements and bug fixes to the code. Please see the release noted for more detail.

Various improvements and bug fixes to plt and the demo programs. See release notes for more details.

Changed the focus of plt somewhat from plotting to GUI tools.
Added the ColorPick pseudo object and changed demoplot.m to show how to use it.
Revamped the data editing capabilities and modified editz.m for this new interface.

Fixed several cursoring bugs. Added enhancements related to Subplots and data editing. Updated several of the example programs. See release notes for details.

Changes for compatibility with Matlab version R2009b and other minor enhancements

Bug fixes, Added distance (abs(x+yi)) cursor readout

Added a new example (pub.m) to show how to optimize a plot for publication (instead of the typical data exploration uses of plt). See release notes for other minor changes

Sorry to bother you with another update so soon after the last one, but a few bugs were reported. In addition to fixing those, I also added significant enhancements to the winplt.m demo program and added a few minor features to plt.


Major rewrite of all the programming examples involving GUIs mostly for improved coding style and clarity. Some enhancements and bug fixes to plt (see release notes).

First release of plt including the full .m source code. Added the TraceMk parameter. See release notes for other changes.

Fixed a bug which caused plt to crash when called from a guide application. Other minor changes (see release notes)

Major update to the subplot capability. Other improvements and bug fixes. See release notes for details.

Minor enhancements, see release notes