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version 1.40 (16.9 MB) by Paul Mennen
A plot/plotyy alternative (data exploration optimized). A framework for GUI design with plots. Examples with a focus on signal processing.


Updated 30 Mar 2022

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--- plt version 29Mar22 ---
Matlab users may be interested in this toolbox for its focus
in one or more of these three areas:
1. A plotting interface. An alternative to Matlab's plot and plotyy.
a. Like plot, plt commands can be typed at the command prompt.
For simple commands the interface is the same.
b. Optimized for data exploration with improved zooming, panning,
auto-scaling controls & cursor movement with delta, rms, mean,
y/x, and magnitude readouts.
c. Workspace plotting (interactively select variables to plot)
d. Automatically generated legend (also used for trace selection).
e. Up to 999 traces on a single or dual (left/right) axis.
(Limited to 99 traces if a legend is required.)
f. Supports subplots, each with individual cursor control & readout.
g. Peak/Valley finder, display expansion history, and metric prefixes.
h. Better looking grid lines with selectable color and style.
i. Interactive editing of trace properties, colors, and annotations.
j. Mouse and keyboard driven data editing.
k. A consistent and flexible command line interface, all explained
in a single help file with example code for every important option.
No longer will you have to hunt for obscure handle graphics
commands scattered throughout the Matlab documentation.
l. Includes 34 example programs demonstrating various plt features and
to give you ideas for designing your own graphical interfaces. Also
includes demoplt, a program allowing you to view all these example
programs so you can quickly evaluate and test plt's capabilities.
m. Regular updates based suggestions from users.
2. A GUI building framework (usually involving 2D or 3D plotting)
a. An alternative to Matlab's App designer or Guide.
b. Provides a collection of pseudo objects and auxiliary functions
tailored to simplify your GUI designs.
c. The capability to move and resize the pseudo objects and native
Matlab objects while recording the positions so that they can be
made permanent.
d. A methodology for combining these elements presented with a series
of example programs.
3. Signal Processing
For 15 out of the 35 included example programs, in addition to their
role in demonstrating various plt features were also designed to have
an educational value in these signal processing topics:
- afilt.m (classical analog filters)
- bounce.m (random walks)
- curves.m (classic plane curves)
- dice3.m (Monte Carlo simulation)
- editz.m (z-plane analysis)
- gauss.m (summation of random variables)
- gpsLog.m (GPS data analysis & simulation)
- julia.m (Mandelbrot & Julia set fractals)
- pltquiv.m (Hermite polynomial interpolation)
- pltmap.m (2-dimensional cubic interpolation)
- square.m (synthesis of harmonic functions)
- tas.m (aircraft peformance modeling)
- weight.m (classic sound level weighting curves)
- wfall.m (clipping distortion effects)
- winplt.m (fft windowing)
This toolbox has been verified under all Matlab releases from 12.1
(ver 6.1) to R2021b using all Windows versions from XP to Windows 10.
Brief testing has also been done under the Mac and other Unix platforms.

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