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PLTSTMP adds a timestamp and name of the calling script to a graph.

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Updated 27 Jul 2004

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PLTSTMP adds a timestamp to the bottom of the figure. If it is called from within a function it also adds the name of the calling function.

The timestamp sometimes plots over the x-axis label. To avoid this, the axis can be shifted vertically.

>> type tst

x = [1:.1:10];


>> tst

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Andreas (2021). PLTSTMP (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (4)

Johannes Sarnthein

Great function which I use a lot.
Recently, I have experienced that pltstmp affects subplot.m by messing up the sizes of subplots.
May this have started with R2007b?
Is there a update for pltstmp possible?

Delia Klingbeil

I fixed my problem, there was a problem with the download. Sorry. It works fine now.

Delia Klingbeil

I love the idea....but...
Why can't I get mine to work?? When I use "pltstmp" without arguments I get an error in line 49. When I use it as "pltstm('test')" I'm told not enought inputs??

I know what "nargin" is , but what does "nargin<1" mean?

Can you help me?


stan shepherd

Very nice -- This is a good complement/alternate to Doug Hull's "Suptitle" from earlier this year.

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