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intro about matlab

version (513 Bytes) by rubia iftikhar
it is just the basics and intro of the matlab

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Updated 17 Mar 2015

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this is m.file that has different codes of how u plot the graphs of different parameters

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rubia iftikhar (2021). intro about matlab (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Stephen Cobeldick

What a misleading name: "intro about matlab" is certainly what this submission is not. It is actually a collection of various plot calls, but as the entire script and this page is completely devoid of any help, comments or explanations we are left totally in the dark as to what they mean.

Without any advice and comments this is useless as an "introduction". As it is it requires some amount of reverse-engineering to understand what is going on, which thus negates the claim of being an "introduction".

The script also rudely calls "clc; clf; clear all;" at the beginning, so all of those nice variables that were in your workspace have just disappeared! Hopefully they were not something important!

Browsers looking for an introduction might like to check out MATLAB's own excellent tutorials for beginners:

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