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version (3.72 MB) by Daniel Forsberg
A toolbox for medical image registration.


Updated 07 Aug 2016

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A MATLAB library/toolbox providing access to image registration suitable for use with medical images.
Usage of the toolbox is outlined in registration_example2d.m and in registration_example3d.m.

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Thank you for your contribution to the community. Can you please comment on the interpolation methods, similarity/cost functions and optimizers that are used? Are there options for each?

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Huan Liu

Hi, Daniel Forsberg,I downloaded your code from the Internet, but there was an error , The maximum recursion limit of 500 has been reached. Use set (0, 'RecursionLimit', N) to change this limit. Please note that exceeding the available stack space may crash MATLAB and / or your computer.Can you help me solve it?Thanks! Liu Huan


Einav Namer

Thank you very much for sharing your work. I would like to read the supporting papers you based your code upon. Can you direct me to a spesific paper / thesis?
E.g., I'm interested in the definition of the TRE you used.
Thanks!! Einav

Will this work for registration of CT - MRI (brain) in 3D?


Zhen Stark

Thanks for pointing this out. To run the registration on the GPU a set of separate libraries are required. I have pushed a couple of changes to GitHub to handle this and to inform the user of this.

There seems to be a file missing: check_registrationCUDA_affine.m

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