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prandtlmayer code

version (1.47 KB) by Hossein sabzali
It is a piece of cake :)


Updated 10 May 2015

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U just enter inlet much and Theta (as 'a' in this code).... and then enjoy :)

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Hossein sabzali (2021). prandtlmayer code (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Hossein sabzali

Hi dear....I have not had much experience in this field and I will try more and more to write a good code .... thank u

Stephen Cobeldick

|clc| and |clear| at the beginning are a bad start to this code: I happen to _want_ the data that is in my workspace, and not have it deleted by random scripts.

No code comments, no references, no help section, no examples, and no description of what it does. It actually displays a whole lots of formatted code in the command window, but nowhere is this stated, you have to read through the code to find out what it will do.

It seems that this submission would be much better rewritten as a function, perhaps supported by some demonstration scripts that could display the output.

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