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Offset axes, mimicks Seaborn's 'despine' option for plotting


Updated 09 Nov 2016

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In Python/Seaborn, there is the option to offset the x and y axis at the origin. This 'despine' pulls the x-axis down a bit, and the y-axis left, so that data that are close to either one become more visible. This function mimics the behaviour in a matlab plot, by changing the axis limits and covering the origin of the axes with a white line.

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Pierre Morel

Hi Anne, I was just looking into the possibility to integrate such functionality in gramm (I like the look!), and I convinced myself that there should be a cleaner way of doing this, without white lines/boxes. A trip to undocumentedmatlab and a few minutes later I found that in recent Matlab versions you can actually shorten axes lines by changing values in a.XRuler.Axle.VertexData and a.YRuler.Axle.VertexData. Additional hidden properties can be read with fieldnames(struct(a.YRuler.Axle))




Thanks to Pierre Morel and, I updated the function to resize 'XRuler.Axle.VertexData' and 'YRuler.Axle.VertexData', and keeping this constant when resizing using a listener.

new file

added a user-defined option to mask data outside range

Instead of only masking parts of the axes we don't wan't, also cover this part of the data with a white area (in case xdata or ydata extend beyond current axis limits). Optimized for 4x4 subplots. Added use of plotboxpos by Kelly Kearney

Added screenshot, slack values adjusted for 4x4 subplot

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Created with R2015b
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Inspired by: plotboxpos

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