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explorestruct 1.2

version (287 KB) by Luke Plausin
MATLAB Utility for exploring structures and plotting its fields. Fixed for R2012a.


Updated 12 Feb 2021

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(Based on explorestruct 1.1 by Hassan Lahdili)
ExploreStruct v.1.2
MATLAB Utility for exploring structures and plotting their fields.
This GUI is an updated and enhanced version of the StructBrowser utility submitted to MATLAB Central in May 2003. It comes with new interface and an enhanced display. It uses Microsoft TreeView control to display and explore any kind of MATLAB structures. The CRC ExploreStruct was designed to expose the contents of the array struct to any depth and plot any of the components. This tool is very useful for programmers using structures in their code.

Fixed for version R2012a. I uploaded my version with the fixes here as development on the original file seems to have stopped. It would be a shame if such a useful tool were to be depricated.

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Luke Plausin (2021). explorestruct 1.2 (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Dion Wilde

this is an awesome tool. I like it! Worked fine for me in Matlab 2020a

Luke Plausin

Hi everyone,
Sorry I have not looked here in a long time. It seems like some of you were having issues with licenses. I've changed the license to MIT as I understand this is the most permissive license. Additionally, I've uploaded the code to Github so that if anyone wants to suggest a change they may do.
I'm sorry if the module is not working in your version of Matlab. I am no longer an active Matlab user, and have no access to a recent license. If you would like to suggest a change with a Gitlab pull request, contribute to the project or take ownership then I would be happy to allow this.

Here is the project page:


It seems like the file is empty.

Great Work.
Is it possible to search in the struct and display the found signals?


Lars Hansson

Atsuo Haishi

Commenting out line 94 and replacing line 103 with
if ev.isMetaDown
makes the script(explorestruct.m) work again
in MATLAB R2018b (64bit, Windows 10)

Atsuo Haishi

Sorry, not line 104, but line 103.

Mus'ab Ahmad

Error in explorestruct (line 94)
set(tmp,'UIContextMenu', cmenu);

Mus'ab Ahmad

Not working in MATLAB R2017b
"Error using movefile"
"Unknown error occurred."
Please advise, thanks

Simone Gaiarin

Seems not to be working in MATLAB R2017a

Error using uitreenode (line 148)
The syntax you entered for uitreenode was not recognized.

Error in explorestruct (line 29)

Grzegorz Lippe


another question: do you apply for BSD or GNU licence? It says bsd on the top left of this page and GNU in the readme.


wefg xang


MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2012a
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

Inspired by: explorestruct

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