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Fast Reducing of Sample Points for 1D Linear Interpolation

version 2.0 (351 KB) by Daniel R. Herber
For a specified absolute error tolerance, reduce a 1D dataset for use with linear interpolation (interp1) in MATLAB.


Updated 10 Jul 2020

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Please see GitHub Readme.

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Daniel R. Herber (2021). Fast Reducing of Sample Points for 1D Linear Interpolation (, GitHub. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (7)

Daniel R. Herber

Volodymyr, thanks for the suggestion toward improving the robustness of this submission.

Volodymyr Zenin

Please add the following lines to the function reduce_interp_1d_linear:
X = X(:);
Y = Y(:);
This will remove error when size X is [1,N], and size Y is [N,1]

Hi Daniel, thank you for the great tool.

E. Cheynet

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the reply ! I actually think I got an error because I tried the script using R2013a :)

Daniel R. Herber

Thanks for your comment E. Ch3yn3t. I am not experiencing the error when using R2014a or R2015b but updated the file anyway to match the documentation.

E. Cheynet

otherwise, works pretty well :)

E. Cheynet

I get the error:
" Error using optimoptions (line 105)
'disp' is not an option for QUADPROG."
The corresponding option is "Display" I think

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Created with R2020a
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

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