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NEWFUNC | Create a new MATLAB function using a customizable template

version (4.81 KB) by Bob Spunt
Create a new MATLAB function using a customizable template


Updated 31 Oct 2016

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Create a custom template for a MATLAB function with nicely formatted documentation.
Optional arguments include (for each, default values can be easily modified at top of function code):
- # of necessary arguments
- # of optional arguments (i.e., VARARGIN) [parsed as 'name', value pairs - see below for more info]
- # of output arguments
- description of function to include at top of help doc
- width of section dividers
- author name and author email for automatically generated COPYRIGHT section
- flag to include EXAMPLE section in documentation
- flag to include CREDITS section in documentation
- output directory for created m-file
- flag to open m-file in default editor after creation
When optional arguments are specified, NEWFUNC will automatically create a cell array at the beginning of the code for defining the default values of optional arguments, and will add the File Exchange contribution SETARGS to the created m-file as a subfunction. SETARGS is then called to parse VARARGIN to determine which default values to override.

Finally, by default NEWFUNC will always add a subfunction called MFILE_SHOWHELP to the created m-file. This is a utility that prints the help doc for the m-file to the command window when the function is called without any arguments.

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Bob Spunt (2021). NEWFUNC | Create a new MATLAB function using a customizable template (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2015a
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

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