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PRINTSTRUCT | Recursively print structures to the command window or a cell char array

version (6.48 KB) by Bob Spunt
Recursively print/display hierarchical outline of structure contents


Updated 22 Feb 2018

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Recursively print hierarchical outline of structure contents. This is a minor adaptation of the File Exchange contribution "Structure outline" written by B. Roossien. Changes include:
- automatic determination of input structure variable name, which is used to title each struct
- included output argument that, when defined, returns the printed struct as char cell array and suppresses output to command window
- input specification and defining default values is easier and more flexible
- (possibly) better handling of structure arrays

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zmi zmi

Does exactly what the name says. Output is very well formatted. Excellent tool for looking through big data structures.


Great job, though found I had to dig around a little on file exchange to find this post when searching for 'structure display'. An improvement on B. Roossien's original contribution.


What I needed !




No update to source code. Just added tags to help folks find it.

Modified title.

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Created with R2015a
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

Inspired by: Structure display