Errorline-Function (errlinefunc(x, y,xerr,yerr, varargin))

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Errorline, Error, Errorbar, Fehler, Fehlergerade


Updated 8 Jan 2020

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This is a function, that creates min and max errorlines for a data set. As seen in the graph, the max and min error lines are depicted together with the errorbars and a box surrounding everything. Many option enable the possibility to change LineWidth, MarkerSize, Marker, Color of the single lines, LegendNames and so on:
'Box' ... Plots a box around min and max errorline (Default: off)
'BoxColor',BoxColor ... this changes the color of the box (Default: black)
'LineColor',LineColor ... changes color of error lines (Default: blue)
'LineWidth',LineWidth ... changes all line widths (Default: 1.5)
'Plot' ... Plots input x and y with errorbar xerr and yerr (Default: off)
'PlotColor',PlotColor ... changes the color of the plot (Default: black)
'MarkerSize',MarkerSize .... changes size of plot marker (Default: 10)
'Marker',Marker .... changes marker of the plot (Default: '.')
'Fit' ... draws the fit through x and y (Default: off)
'FitColor',FitColor ... colors the fit (Default: green)
'Legend' ... activates the legend for the chosen plot option
'Location',Location ... plots the legend at a certain location (Default: NorthWest)
'LegendNames',LegendNames ... is a cell array containing the names for the legend (Default: {['Data with errorbars','Fit','max error line','min
error line']})
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