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MAKETRANSPARENT(h,alpha) sets the transparency of the objects referenced
by h (or the children if the object is an Axes) to alpha.
h: an axes handle (does all children) or specific line handle(s)
alpha: the opacity in [0,1] or [] (see below).
Sets the line and marker face opacity and add listener to reset them
in case they are redrawn automatically by MATLAB.
Use alpha = [] to remove the listeners. Note that this will not
revert the transparency automatically.
x = linspace(0,100,1000);
y1 = sin(x/10)+randn(size(x))/2;
y2 = sin(x/10);
h = plot(x,y1,'o',x,y2,'-');
Requires R2014b or newer (HG2)
Inspired by Yair Altman's

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