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TODOIST | Add a Todoist task w/labels, due date, and notes

version (3.91 KB) by Bob Spunt
Add Todoist tasks from the command line. Supports adding labels, due dates, and multiple notes.

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Updated 03 Feb 2016

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This is inspired by the Alfred Workflow Todoistify written by James Mowery ( For this to work, you need to locate your Todoist API key, which you can find under the "Account" tab of the "Todoist Settings"in the web app ( Near the top of the function code (below the documentation), you'll find a section API TOKEN where the variable "token" is defined. Replace the value with your own token and you should be good to go. This has only been tested on a Mac OS X running El Capitan.
USAGE: todoist(content, duedate, notes)


task description (can include labels, e.g. 'Purchase laptop @finances @work')

DUEDATE (optional, default = 'today')
Human: today, tomorrow, friday, next friday, tom at 16:30, fri at 2pm
Normal: May 29, 5/29, 10/29/15, 10-29-15, 10.29.15
Relative: +5 (5 days from now)

NOTES (optional, default is to add no notes)
notes to add to the added task. if CHAR, it will be added as a single note. if CELL array of strings, each cell will be added as a separate note.

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Bob Spunt (2020). TODOIST | Add a Todoist task w/labels, due date, and notes (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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