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Recursive contents report

version (715 KB) by Christopher Hummersone
Create a Contents.m file including subdirectories

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Updated 05 May 2018

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NOTE: this function is now available from the IoSR Matlab Toolbox as iosr.general.updateContents.
UPDATE_CONTENTS scans through the current directory, and its subdirectories, and builds a Contents file similar to Matlab's report-generated Contents.m files. Any existing Contents.m file will be overwritten.

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Christopher Hummersone (2020). Recursive contents report (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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You'd probably need to modify the get_H1_line() function. Specifically you'll probably need to modify the contents of the while loop to append the H1_line variable, rather than just keeping the first line that starts with a %. You'll also likely need to modify how the information is written to the contents.m file (around line 88). Good luck! Chris


Nice function. Can you tell me where to change the function to update the help report which displays all help lines and not only the first one?

Hi Sean. The link to get_contents() is in the file description.

Sean de Wolski

I think you're missing get_contents()

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