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LaTeX image object for using LaTeX packges not supported by the builtin LaTeX text interpreter


Updated 03 Nov 2015

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LaTeX support provided by the MATLAB Graphics engine is limited at a time, especially to add complex equations on a figure. lateximage creates an image object which behaves like a text object with full LaTeX support.
To create a LaTeX equation, simply call lateximage like 'text' function call, e.g.,

h = lateximage(0.5,0.5,'\boldsymbol{\xi} + \boldsymbol{\zeta}') % built-in interpreter cannot handle \boldsymbol

Included lateximage_demo.m illustrates a more elaborate usage.

Main Features:
* Supports many of the standard Text Properties: Position, String, FontSize, FontSmoothing, HorizontalAlignment, VerticalAlignment, Rotation, Color, BackgroundColor, EdgeColor, and LineWidth
* By default, LaTeX string is assumed to be in the equation mode. To create a regular LaTeX text, set EquationOnly option to false
* Auto-scales the image object to maintain the FontSize via actively listening to the axes size and limit PostSet events
* Exposing full LaTeX support with "standalone" document class: fully customizable document class options, LaTeX packages, document preamble, and document body text
* Print-ready. Text will appear correctly both on screen and on paper (or image). Printed text resolution can be increased via OverSamplingFactor option.

Usage Notes:
* Supports both HG2 (r2014b and later) and pre-HG2 Matlab versions
* Right before print/export the figure with lateximage objects, run 'lateximage -printmode on' so that the lateximage objects are properly scaled during print operation.
* This function should only be used if the built-in LaTeX interpreter *cannot* interpret the desired LaTeX string. The built-in interpreter (with a text object) results in a better image output than the image-based solutions, including this submission.
* In R2014b and later, experiment with OverSamplingRate setting for better output, especially for EPS output. >=20 seems to produce better, acceptable results.
* For onscreen usage, keep OverSamplingRate = 1 for the best appearance

* latex and dvipng executable must be available via system path. For Windows systems, simply installing MikTeX would take care of it

* Margin option is not functional yet. dvipng squashes the specified margin in LaTeX file. If anyone knows how to work around this, shoot me a message. The goal of this function is keep external dependency to those in LaTeX distribution only
* Apply OverSamplingRate only when -printmode is on
* <strike>Further investigate a way to listen to the events during print to make scaling more reliable</strike> It appears to be working with a mysterious scaling factor of 2

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