RegBEM Phoretic

Solve phoretic mobility problems using a regularised boundary element method
Updated 11 Apr 2016

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This package allows the user to efficiently solve complex problems in phoretic mobility, such as the motion of multiple Janus particles in a non-trivial domain. The code uses the regularised boundary element approach described in Montenegro-Johnson et al "A regularised singularity approach to phoretic problems".
The code requires the following excellent GNU licensed packages:
These should be placed in the "geometry" sub-directory.
With these packages, the submission has all that is required to reproduce the results in the above paper, and I intend to add additional functionality (such as more image systems) as I can.
The submission should be regarded as "research" code, but I have cleaned it up and commented it so that it should be reasonably understandable, when the paper is used as a reference. If you wish to use the code for your research, or collaborate, I can hopefully answer some questions via email (available on my website

The file "run_examples.txt" demonstrates how to run the Janus and two-sphere example simulations used in the paper. With small changes, these codes can be used with arbitrary quadratic surface mesh input.

Overview of directories:
bem_assembly: routines for boundary element solution of the concentration, gradient and stokes flow using linear panels.
meshes: Example quadratic meshes of geometries
geometry: geometric routines for quadratic elements, as well as Fekete quadrature and DistMesh mesh generator
greens_fun: regularised green's functions for diffusion and stokes flow
plotting: routines to plot an unstructured quadratic triangular mesh in 3D, with colour constant or given as an input function at nodal values.
examples: examples from the above paper.

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Thomas Montenegro-Johnson (2024). RegBEM Phoretic (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Version Published Release Notes

Small bug fix. Larger improvements (image systems etc) to follow as soon as I can. If you want to use the code, but find it a little unfriendly, please just drop me an email and I will happily help.