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Correspondence Analysis

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I can't find correspondence analysis in matlab statistics toolbox, so I made this one...


Updated 09 Apr 2016

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Just does Correspondence Analysis! :-) I've changed a bit the following URL code to make this..

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Ikko (2020). Correspondence Analysis (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Hi Joe, thanks for your comment!
I just wrote the code for simple correspondence analysis( which is like a PCA for categorical data, so just one input matrix is needed.

joe joe

Hi, IKKO, thanks for your coding. I have a question about your code.
What is your input matrix, I think need two matrix, one is the explanaory variable matrix, another is the response matrix?
So, where is the two matrix in your input?


made the output pretty!!

fixed some bugs...

changed the Description a bit..

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