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IMAQPLOT - Preview video data using callbacks

version (2.49 KB) by David Tarkowski
Demonstration of previewing Image Acquisition Toolbox video using Handle Graphics and callbacks.

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Updated 01 Sep 2016

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IMAQPLOT is a simple demonstration of previewing video data using the toolbox's TimerFcn callback. IMAQPLOT also allows users to integrate the video preview into any MATLAB GUI. These are capabilities that are present in the toolbox's PREVIEW command, but are presented here as a demonstration of TimerFcn callback.
Using toolbox callback properties, you can configure a video input object to generate a live image plot display.

Do you want a basic preview window created for you? Simply call:

obj = videoinput('matrox', 1);
obj.TimerFcn = @imaqplot;
obj.TimerPeriod = 0.1;
obj.FramesPerTrigger = Inf;

Do you want to add a preview window to an existing GUI? Simply provide IMAQPLOT a handle to an image object and it will update it for you:

obj = videoinput('dt', 1);
obj.TimerFcn = {@imaqplot, hImage};
obj.TimerPeriod = 0.1;
obj.FramesPerTrigger = Inf;

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David Tarkowski (2020). IMAQPLOT - Preview video data using callbacks (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (4)

mora er

i am e new comer in matlab programming, and i prefer something in live action, like live video in yours. help me the other please by posting another live video.thank you..

Cullen Newsom

yes, thanks indeed.

Winston Hegemur

thank you

sidahmed sidha

i am testing your M-file and matlab give me the following message:
??? Error using ==> imaqplot
IMAQPLOT is unable to plot correctly.
No appropriate methods for function isrunning.

Warning: The TimerFcn callback is being disabled.
To enable the callback, set the TimerFcn property.
(Type "warning off testmeas:callback:errInTimerFcn" to suppress this warning.)
can i know why?
thank you


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