rootSolve(func, xLow, xUpp, tol)

This function uses Ridder's Method to do non-linear root finding
Updated 24 Apr 2017

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This function uses Ridder's Method to do non-linear root finding. This method works well for smooth scalar functions, and requires a bounded search space.
% FUNCTION: This function uses Ridder's Method to return a root, xZero,
% of func on the interval [xLow,xUpp]
% func = a function for a SISO function: y = f(x)
% xLow = the lower search bound
% xUpp = the upper search bound
% tol = return xZero if abs(func(xZero)) < tol
% xZero = the root of the function on the domain [xLow, xUpp]
% 1) The function must be smooth
% 2) sign(f(xLow)) ~= sign(f(xUpp))
% 3) This function will return a root if one exists, and the function is
% not crazy. If there are multiple roots, it will return the first one
% that it finds.

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Matthew Kelly (2024). rootSolve(func, xLow, xUpp, tol) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Created with R2012a
Compatible with any release
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Version Published Release Notes

updated documentation

Added feature: the user can now specify the convergence tolerance.

Fixed a small bug: the tolerance for checking roots on the boundary of the interval was set to 0, rather than the convergence tolerance.

Added photo.