Geostationary Satellites Tracking

Matlab based application to predict the orbit and track the geostationary satellites in real time.
Updated 18 Oct 2020

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---------------------Geostationary Satellites Tracking--------------------
Geostationary Satellites Tracking is a Matlab based application to predict the orbit and track the geostationary satellites in real time.
This application predicts the orbital position of geostationary satellites from Public Two-Line Element Orbital Information (TLE). The TLE are created by United States Air Force / Department of Defense (DoD), that tracks all detectable objects in Earth orbit, creating a corresponding TLE for each object, and makes available the TLEs for non-classified objects on the internet.
The satellites orbit are predicted/propagated using Simplified perturbations models codes (SGP4) from “Revisiting Spacetrack Report #3” and The results of the orbit prediction are displayed in different types of 2D and 3D plots. The TLE data are updated constantly from
Application/Project Screenshot:
Author: (Tony) Chao Huang

-----the SGP4 propagator used in this project is from (Excellent Website):
by: Dr. T.S. Kelso
-----------Revisiting Spacetrack Report #3-------------
"Revisiting Spacetrack Report #3," presented at the AIAA/AAS Astrodynamics Specialist Conference, Keystone, CO, 2006 August 21–24.
AIAA 2006-6753
Vallado, David A., Paul Crawford, Richard Hujsak, and T.S. Kelso
Matlab SGP4 - and coordinate transformation code:
author : david vallado 719-573-2600 27 may 2002
Jeff Beck

-----The daylight terminator plot (plotdaynightterminator.m) used is this project is from:
Mattia Rossi
----------All these codes are inside “Private Folder”-----------

------3d earth plot is from:

///////////////////Version 1.11 - 04/2016 3D Inertial View ///////////////////////
3D Satellite-Earth Center Lines display (V1.11)
3D Inertial View has been implemented (V1.1)

///////////////////Version 1 - 01/2016 Only 2D View Tab///////////////////////
( The others Tabs and Functions will be implement in the future version)
Development Date: From December - 2015 to January - 2016
this version has been submit to Matlab course final project (BeiHang University)
Version of Matlab: Matlab 2012b (Also tested in Matlab 2012a)
Maybe some GUI function will not work in other version of Matlab

-----Description of Version 1 (Geostationary Satellites Tracking) -------
All the GUI object has “Normalized” Units (better display for any screen resolution)
Customized GUI: Menu
Satellite List Menu
Configuration Menu

Real Time Clock (using Timer)
predicted Actual satellite position (blink red circle)
Automatic Update TLE file from (Matlab parallel task)
Extract Satellite List form (Geostationary Satellites TLE file)
Log Record and Display
Display Last attempt to get TLE file (UTC Time)
Display remaining time to get New TLE file [min]
Load and Save Selected Satellite List
Load and Save Configuration
Zoom, Rotate and Pan tools

Plot Functions
Multi-Satellites Simultaneous plot
Latitude vs Longitude plot (with satellite real time position plot)
Longitude Evolution plot (Longitude vs Time) (with satellite real time position plot)
Eccentricity Vector Polar Plot
2D World Map Plot:
Satellite Name Indicator
Longitude vs Latitude
day light terminator
World Map Image

View/Hide Map Image
View/Hide Coast Line
View/Hide Day Night Terminator
View/Hide Equal Scale Plot

”Refresh Sat List” Button: Shows all the satellites from TLE file
”Search” Button: Search the satellite from the TLE list
”Insert” Button: insert satellite to Selected Satellite List
”Delete” Button: delete satellite from Selected Satellite List
”Save List” Button: Save selected satellites List
”Load List” Button: Load selected satellites List
”Plot” Button: Propagate the selected satellites (SGP4) according to configured option and plot it on the screen.
”Insert All” Button: Insert all the satellites from the satellite list
”Delete All” Button: Delete all the satellites from the selected satellites list

Cite As

(Tony) Chao Huang (2024). Geostationary Satellites Tracking (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2012b
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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Version Published Release Notes

Preparing for future update

///////////////////Version 1.11 - 04/2016 3D Inertial View ///////////////////////
3D Satellite-Earth Center Lines display (V1.11)
3D Inertial View has been implemented (V1.1)

More preview Pictures:
Change Preview Images
///////////////////Version 1.1 - 04/2016 3D Inertial View ///////////////////////
3D Inertial View has been implemented
Changed Plot title to: Latitude Vs Longitude

Preview Image has been Uploaded
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