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Antarctic Gravity Data

version 1.0.1 (3.49 MB) by Chad Greene
Access and interpolate Antarctic gravity anomalies.


Updated 20 May 2019

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This toolbox offers two functions to access Antarctic gravity data from Scheinert et al. 2016. A gravity_data function imports full gridded gravity datasets into your Matlab workspace. A gravity_interp function returns gravity anomalies interpolated to any arbitrary coordinates in the southern hemisphere.

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Chad Greene (2021). Antarctic Gravity Data (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Wu Guochao

Chad Greene

Hi Sumant,

I apologize--I did not see your comment until now. The best way I know to export the data to another projection would be to use gravity_interp to get gravity values at every posting on a grid of your choosing, then use geotiffwrite to export the data.

Sumant Jha

Hi Chad,

Is there a way or function to export a subset of antarctic gravity data in a different projection? For e.g., if I want to export the bouguer anomaly data for Antarctica peninsula in form of a surfer or GMT compatible grid in a custom projection, what is the best way?
I am able to visualize the data using your excellent toolbox - but not sure how to reproject the same and export it.

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