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Monte Carlo Estimation Examples with Matlab

version (5.23 KB) by Hristo Zhivomirov
A set of examples of Monte Carlo numerical estimation methods.


Updated 04 Jun 2020

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The Matlab codes presented here are a set of examples of Monte Carlo estimation methods – a class of computational algorithms that rely on repeated random sampling or simulation of random variables to obtain numerical results.

Eight examples are given:
MonteCarloCoin.m – estimation of the probability to obtain 8 or more heads, if a coin is tossed 10 times;
MonteCarloDice.m – estimation of the probability to obtain 6 & 6, if two dice are flipped;
MonteCarloInt.m – estimation of the integral of abs(sin(x)), for x = 0 .. 2*pi;
MonteCarloPi.m – estimation of the Pi value;
MonteCarloPower.m – estimation of the worst-case resistor's power dissipation;
MonteCarloSqrt2.m – estimation of the sqrt(2) value;
MonteCarloVol.m – estimation of the unit sphere volume;
MonteCarloVol_visualization.m – a visualization of the MonteCarloVol.m example.

The codes are based on the theory described in:

[1] I. Sobol. A primer for the Monte Carlo method. Boca Raton, CRC Press, 1994.

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