Satellite Orbits: Models, Methods and Applications

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Satellite Orbits: Models, Methods and Applications


Updated 5 Nov 2022

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Exercise 2-1: Orbit raising using Hohmann transfer
Exercise 2-2: Solution of Kepler's equation
Exercise 2-3: Osculating elements
Exercise 2-4: Topocentric satellite motion
Exercise 2-5: Sunsynchronous repeat orbits
Exercise 2-6: Initial orbit determination (two sets of range and angle measurements of a satellite)
Exercise 3-1: Gravity field
Exercise 3-2: Lunar ephemerides
Exercise 3-3: Accelerations
Exercise 3-4: Orbit Perturbations
Exercise 4-1: Runge-Kutta 4th-order Integration
Exercise 4-2: Gauss-Jackson 4th-order predictor
Exercise 4-3: Step size control of Shampine-Gordon multistep method
Exercise 4-4: Step size control of Radau IIA multistep method
Exercise 5-1: Transformation from celestial to terrestrial reference system
Exercise 5-2: Velocity in the Earth-fixed frame
Exercise 5-3: Geodetic coordinates
Exercise 6-1: Light Time Iteration
Exercise 6-2: Range Rate Modelling
Exercise 6-3: User Clock Error from GPS Pseudorange
Exercise 6-4: Tropospheric Refraction
Exercise 7-1: State transition matrix
Exercise 8-1: Least-squares fit using Givens rotations
Exercise 8-2: Least-squares orbit determination
Exercise 8-3: Orbit Determination using Extended Kalman Filter
GEODA : Geostationary satellite Orbit Determination error Analysis
RTOD : Real Time Orbit Determination based on GPS navigation data
TDRSOD : Orbit Determination from Tracking and Data Relay Satellite measurements
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