AOR tools for the analysis of auditory oddball responses (ERP/EEG)
Updated 24 Mar 2016

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AORtools is intended to aid the analysis of auditory oddball responses in ERP experiments. There are three functions/classes included in these tools. AOR.m is the class that computes the responses. qcwt.m performs the continuous wavelet analysis; it is needed by the AOR( ) function. tfDistatis.m is the function/class to perform group-level, multiclass time-frequency distatis.
Each class/function is fully documented. After adding this toolbox to the Matlab path, type "doc AOR" or "doc tfDistatis", or "doc qcwt" at the command prompt to read instructions for using each class.
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*Note: This toolbox requires a kernel density estimator. If you have the statistics & machine learning toolbox, then ksdensity( ) will be used. Otherwise, you can download the function kde.m by Botev et al. from the Mathworks FileExchange, and add to your Matlab path. The program will then look for that function. If you do not have one of these functions, then you will receive an error.

Link to KDE function by Botev:

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