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Matlab Toolbox for the Numerical Solution of Stochastic Differential Equations (SDEs)


Updated 30 Sep 2020

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Matlab Toolbox for the Numerical Solution of Stochastic Differential Equations

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Andrew Horchler (2021). SDETools (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Madhav Ramesh

How can I show "almost sure" convergence for a solution trajectory? I guess that convergence in probability is easy to show: For the probability of the 2-norm of a solution x(t) to be greater than a specified quantity we can upper-bound it by its expected value.

Andrew Horchler

@DemetriPananos: See my answer on Github:

Demetri Pananos

Is there a way to constrain the solution between 0 and 1?

Andrew Horchler

@Roman: Thanks. I can't replicate your issue on R2015b. What version of Matlab are you using? What OS? And was that the full error message (line 44 of sde_gbm is in the help)?

Feel free to file an issue on Github or contact me directly from there:


Interesting set of functions. Trying to simulate a standard GBM for market type stochastics results in an out-of-memory error message.

Trying to run the example in sde_gbm.m in the following way:

>> npaths = 10; dt = 1e-2; t = 0:dt:10; y0 = ones(npaths,1);
% mu = 0.1; sig = (0.1:0.1:0.1*npaths)';
mu = 0.1; sig = [0.2,0.2,0.2,0.2,0.2,0.2,0.2,0.2,0.2,0.2]';
opts = sdeset('RandSeed',1,'SDEType','Ito');
y1 = sde_gbm(mu,sig,t,y0,opts);
y2 = sde_euler(@(t,y)mu*y,@(t,y)sig.*y,t,y0,opts);
figure; h = plot(t,y1,'b',t,y2,'r'); xlabel('t'); ylabel('y(t)');
mustr = num2str(mu); npstr = num2str(npaths); dtstr = num2str(dt);
txt = {'Analytical solution',['Numerical solution, dt = ' dtstr]};
legend(h([1 end]),txt,2); legend boxoff;
title(['Geometric Brownian motion, ' npstr ' paths, \mu = ' mustr]);
Out of memory. The likely cause is an infinite recursion within the program.

Error in sde_gbm (line 44)
y1 = sde_gbm(mu,sig,t,y0,opts);

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