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MATLAB Tips & Tricks

version (125 KB) by Gabriel Peyre
A list of useful tips and tricks with concise piece of code and comments.


Updated 19 Nov 2007

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First keep in mind that this is not a MATLAB tutorial. This is just a list of tricks I have found useful while writing my toolboxes available on the MATLAB Central repository.

You can e-mail me if you have corrections about these pieces of code, or if you would like to add your own tips to those described in this document.

Some random examples (you will find piece of code in the pdf) :
- Access a matrix from a list of entries.
- Output a string without carriage return.
- Draw a 3D sphere.
- Remove the ticks from a drawing.
- Compute centered finite differences.
- Generate n points sampled uniformly at random on a sphere.
- Compute the 3D rotation matrix M around an axis v.
- Display the result of an FFT with the 0 frequency in the middle.
- Perform a symmetric boundary adapted convolution.
- Draw the image of a disk and a square.
- Generate a C^alpha regular function.
- Turn a triangulation into an adjacency matrix.

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Panos Zafiridis

bahar cham

Raymond Cheng

Thanks for your sharing.

amr hesham

Norbert P.

Poulpi Nou


Vishnuvenkatesh Dhage

Dine Dino


George Caminha

Vassili Pas

Never confuse i and j (which are variables with possible default values) and 1i and 1j which are ALWAYS imaginary units.

Jas Ellis

Some good tips.

peng peng

useful for student

sarma narasimha

manhey yim

thanks man!!!

xianwei Wang

Walid M.

I can't download the file( is it because of Iexplorer?)
could you send it to me please?

Sandra Ogunya

Its great and I found it really helpful.

Eleonore A.

nice tks


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