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Easy to use parallel evaluation of multiple code blocks.
Updated 2 Aug 2023

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This function allows you to evaluate multiple code blocks in parallel. It is intended as a user friendly interface to parfeval which I hope will one day be made obsolete by a matlab built-in (like parfor). On my laptop, the parallel overhead is about 30ms per task.
An example usage, which executes 2 code blocks in parallel:
nn = 4;
% do the first set
{'r1 = rand(nn, nn);'
'r2 = magic(nn);'
'r3 = rand(nn, nn);'}
% do the second set
{'r4 = rand(nn, nn);'
'r5 = rand(nn, nn);'
'r6 = magic(nn);'} })

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mevans (2024). pareval (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Created with R2015a
Compatible with any release
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Version Published Release Notes

Updated to work on R2022a.

Does rehash to ensure that new functions are found. Better file cleanup. Rough overhead measurement included in help comment.
with new code this time!

updated description and tags
Included related files.
more comments
changed help comments, use addpath only first time through to reduce overhead