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Compute ordinary and partial derivatives of arbitrary order.


Updated 3 Mar 2017

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This is an obsolete version of the AutoDiff toolbox, which is still povided because the next Version 3.0 requests Matlab Release R2016b or higher. It will not be developed any further.
The AutoDiff toolbox contains the audi class for automatic differentiation by means of operator overloading. This allows to evaluate derivatives of arbitrary order of functions depending on an arbitrary number of unknowns. AutoDiff also provides a set of utilities, including differential operators, like Laplacian and curl, Taylor expansion of explicit expressions and solutions of ODEs, and curvature analysis for curves and surfaces. To generate the icon, showing a Klein bottle colored by Gaussian curvature, it suffices to supply the surface parametrization and then call a routine from the AutoDiff library.

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Ulrich Reif (2022). AutoDiff_R2015b (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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