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New m-file (dynamical/document​ed header)

version (3.8 KB) by Benjamin Pillot
new m-file with dynamical/documented header acting as the usual "new file" matlab desktop shortcut


Updated 11 May 2016

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This function creates a new class/function/script following the same behaviour as the "new file" desktop short-cut, except that headers are dynamically implemented, customizable and adapted for further code documentation.
The function comes with 3 default headers corresponding to 'class', 'function' and 'script' files. Feel free to adapt these header files to your own needs. They have been implemented based on the template headers proposed by Denis Gilbert, in order to facilitate the further code documentation (using mtoc++/doxygen for example).
Even if the templates are customizable, some part are implemented dynamically during the opening of the new class/function/script, such as date of creation, file name, copyright year, etc.
Basically, I have made a compilation of different tools available on the File exchange. But I wanted a tool both simple and powerful, and, most of all, able to efficiently replace the "new file" Matlab desktop short-cut, in such a way that it remains invisible to the user. To do this, you just have to add a short-cut to your short-cut toolbar using the Shortcut Editor, with callback : "new('f')" (function), "new('s')" (script) or "new('c')" (class).
Add command to Shortcut panel :
- On the Home tab, click New, and then select Command Shortcut. Or click on the "New Shortcut" in the quick access toolbar.
- In the Shortcut Editor, choose a "Label" (such as "new function"), an Icon (such as "f") and fill the "Callback" edit text panel with the corresponding command (such as "new('f')").
- Click "Save".
That's all. Whenever you want to change the headers' format, edit the corresponding file('default_function', 'default_class' or 'default_script') and save changes.

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Benjamin Pillot (2020). New m-file (dynamical/documented header) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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This is really good. I made a few changes to the code, due to my newer version and own preferences. Now its perfect. Thanks a lot!

wow, one i corrected the mentioned error, this became exactly what i spent hours looking for. thank you!


@Ondrej Holub: thanks for the feedback. Yes, unfortunately, I should have advised the "year" function is part of the Financial Toolbox, which is not necessarily included in your release. Using only Matlab core functions, you may replace the line "num2str(year(date))" by "num2str(year(datetime(date)))", which makes use of "datetime" and "year" functions which are core functions since the R2014B release.

Had to add a function 'year' you are calling on line 120 (I am running R2016b)


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Created with R2014a
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Inspired by: M-file Header Template, TEDIT, mdrohmann/mtocpp, NewFile

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