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Plot multiple surfaces multisurf(x,y,z,col​or)

version (1.71 KB) by Alessandro Masullo
Plot multiple surfaces in the same figure, with different colors


Updated 08 Jun 2016

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% MULTISURF(x,y,z,color) plots multiple surfaces with different colors in
% the same figure. The variables x, y and z must be cell array, each element
% containing the data to be plotted. The variable color must be a cell
% array containing the colors of the surfaces, expressed as letter or
% vectors 1x3.
% Additional output h = MULTISURF(x,y,z,color) returns a vector
% containing the handles to each surface object.
% Example:
% [xs,ys] = meshgrid(1:0.1:2*pi);
% x = {xs xs xs};
% y = {ys ys ys};
% z = {sin(xs) sin(xs/2) sin(xs/10)};
% color = {'r','g',[0 0 1]};
% multisurf(x,y,z,color)
% Author: Alessandro Masullo 2015
The code works by changing the CData parameter of the surfaces so that each of them has a unique constant value of CData. A specific colormap created using the user input colors allows different colors for different surfaces.

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Alessandro Masullo (2021). Plot multiple surfaces multisurf(x,y,z,color) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Hello, is it possible to create a multisurf plot if I have a grid of this type?

nx = 100;
x = linspace(0,L,nx+1);
y = linspace(0,B,ny+1);

and I have z value which is the union of three matrix, of this type:
z =

1×3 cell array

{101×381 double} {101×381 double} {101×381 double}

How can I do that? Thank you.


Terrance Nearey

Thank you. I think your line:
map = reshape(cell2mat(color),[],3);
should be changed to
map = reshape(cell2mat(color),3,[])' ;
It's amazing how hard MATLAB makes it to color surfaces of surface plots uniformly. (Though its easy for some very nice more complex plots.) I don't know why a single color character or 1 x 3 RGB vector as the C argument just doesn't just produce surfaces with the same color on each face.

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Created with R2015a
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

Inspired by: freezeColors / unfreezeColors, export_fig

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