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Affordable and Portable DC Motor Laboratory Kit for Control Systems

version (54.3 KB) by Rebecca Reck
Simulink Models to control a DC Motor with a Raspberry Pi.


Updated 14 Jun 2016

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Our affordable and portable laboratory kit provides a versatile platform for engineering experiments in control systems courses. This kit was developed as part of my dissertation research at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The models provided here are for a proportional and a proportional plus speed closed loop control of a DC motor. The kit includes a Raspberry Pi, an H-Bridge (L239D), an ADC (MCP3002), a potentiometer, and other 3D printed parts.
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Hi, I am quite new to MCP interfaces in Matlab / Simulink and I was very happy that you programmed such a helpful program. Unfortunately I have trouble to get the MCP3002 Interface to run. Is there a chance to get a step-by-step tutorial information how to run the program? Where do I have to copy the libraries? what should I do If thinking of a quite fresh Matlab 2016 installation? I would be very happy to recieve your aid.
Kind regards,

I have some doubts regarding your tachometer coding.
What does it mean by (pi/5) at the final constant?
In my encoder design, I have 16 holes and I need the output speed in rpm. What would be the main change if I need it in rpm.
Waiting for your reply.
Thank You.

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