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Reverse Evaluation

version (1.48 KB) by AJ Johnson
Create a string that, when evaluated, returns the original value.


Updated 26 Aug 2004

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%REVERSE_EVAL - Created a string, that when evaluated, produces original construct.
% REVERSE_EVAL(V) returns a string which when evaluated using EVAL, is
% identical to V. Example:
% v = load('-mat','my_figure.fig');
% e = reverse_eval(v);
% isequal(v,eval(e))
% should return 1. Note that and NaN values within V will cause isequal
% to return 0, but the evaluation will still be correct.
% This currently does not support arrays whose number of dimensions are
% greater than 2, or objects.
% See also FIG2M.

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AJ Johnson (2021). Reverse Evaluation (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Created with R13
Compatible with any release
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