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Reinforcement Learning Example - Pendulum Controller w/ Animation

version by Matthew Sheen
Q-Learning how to swing and balancing a pendulum. Well-commented code with animation as it runs.


Updated 27 Jun 2016

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Video here:

Implementation of the Q-learning algorithm. Learns a controller for swinging a pendulum upright and balancing it. Animates the entire process -- you can watch the system explore the state space and begin to get an idea of "good" and "bad" regions. Well-commented code meant to help explain the process. Lots of settings to play with and observe the results!

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Matthew Sheen (2020). Reinforcement Learning Example - Pendulum Controller w/ Animation (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Rob Smith



Hi rong,
Before R2014b, you could not set or get figure properties with the dot notation. You had to use the set or get functions.
So, the line you mention would have to be axPend = get(f, 'Parent');. Probably quite a few other lines need to be converted.


It dose not work in my matlab version (R2014 a). Mistake occurs in line 124: axPend = f.Parent; How could I fix it? Any one can help?

Anh Tran

Sara Hamdan

Great Thanks

zhibin lin

daniel k

Zheyuan Xie

Sai Kiran

Duy-Long HA


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