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Acrobot swing-up control - Partial Feedback Linearization

version (8.69 KB) by Matthew Sheen
Implementation of Mark Spong's swing-up controller for an underactuated double-pendulum.


Updated 27 Jun 2016

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This is based on Mark Spong's paper:
It implements two swing-up controllers for a double pendulum with only a motor at the second joint (the "elbow"), also called the acrobot. I am not associated with the paper. I've just implemented it in order to play with it. The files include full animation and symbolic derivation scripts. Should be a good learning tool, I hope!

I don't recommend this as a method to control a physical acrobot. The results are very interesting to watch, but with torque-bounded actuators, you're going to have trouble.

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Matthew Sheen (2021). Acrobot swing-up control - Partial Feedback Linearization (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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