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version 2017.07.24 (6.52 MB) by Ivan V. Dmitriev
Marine engineering geophysical data processing toolbox (pre-Alpha) Old functions version. Published for compatibility with old scripts.


Updated 02 Nov 2019

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Ver 1.0.20 includes:
1) reading and writing files: Sgy, Xtf, Jsf; resize functions for Sgy (set Delay Record Time, Traces End Time, Sample Interval, etc); Magy (G882) files reading;
2) coordinate transformations: utm <-> geographic <-> geocentric;
3) geometrics tasks (minimal distance, segments crossing, normal);
4) create AutoCad scripts with elementary figures;
5) create trackplot (AutoCad script) from folders included xtf or segy files;
6) data (traces) filtration, weighting, gain, etc.;
7) magnetic/gravity modeling (in progress);
8) serial data logging (free pascal);
9) image/matrix sub-horizontal layers handle and auto piking; curves piking tool;
10) cut/merge/resize Tiff with tfw.

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Ivan V. Dmitriev (2019). Ge0MLib_pre-Alpha (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Old functions version. Published for compatibility with old scripts.


Old functions version. Published for compatibility with old scripts.

Add cut/merge/resize for Tiff with tfw (used for SSS mosaic; resize need "imresize" from Image Processing Toolbox).
Add/update/rename a number of functions.

Were added:gAcadWiggleToMapNan,gMapDrawWiggleNan.
Bugs removed and modified: gFJsfRead2080, gFJsfRead2090.

Were added:gAcadTrackToMap,gXtfDeleteSlant000,gXtfSetMessOff.
Bugs removed and modified: gFJsfWrite####, gFXtfWrite000, gGPoints2DMinDist, gGPointsSegments2DNormal, gGSegments2DCross, gMagDipol, gNGpsDayCalc, gNTime2Time, gZFieldsInterp, gZRowInsert.

gFMagReadG88tvgMag was added; some fields for gFMagRead were renamed; gZRow and gZFieldsInterp were adapt for RowM-content; some bugs were fixed.

Several functions were renamed and added (gMapPickHandleNan).

The overlapped file-writing was added to serial data logger (gComLogOv).

Magy (G882) files reading functions were added. Several bugs were fixed.

gDataGainPL, gDataNormPL, gDataToPL, gMapPLPickAutoImg, gNCoordDerepeat functions bugs were removed.
Ge0MLib_Training document was added (in progress).

Fixed bugs for gDataGainPL, gDataNormPL, gDataToPL, gDataFillPL, gMapPLPickAutoImg functions.

Image/matrix sub-horizontal layers handle and auto peaking functions (gMapPLPickAutoImg, gMapPLPickHandleImg).

Serial data logger (free pascal) and m-functions for logger files reading were added.

Some comments were changed.

gDataGain, gDataTraceFilt, gDataTraceWeight, gDataToPline, gMagNormal, gMagDipol, gMagCylinder were added.
Several bugs were fixed.

gSgySetSampleInterval and gGPointsPolyline2DNormal were added; "signed" distance was defined (polyline-to-point).

gZRowSet was corrected (set data to []). gSgySetDelayRecTime, gSgySetEndRecTime, gSgySetTraceOff functions were added.

gMapPL files were changed.

1) gFSgyRead: line 57 was changed to //elseif (bitand(tmp,255)==0)&&(tmp<2304), Endian='l';// for Endian correct recognizing;
2) add functions gMapPLReadTxt, gMapPLReadXtfDir, gMapPLReadSegyDir, gMapPLDraw, gMapPLExportTxt for trackplots creation.

gNAng2Ang, gNTime2Time, gNCoordDerepeat were added.

Were added: gNLayback - towing fish position calculation; gNTrackMadeGood2D - trackplot smoothing and direction calculation.

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