Surface water_Groundwater interaction

Translation of STLK1 and its comparison with Fourier Sine Transform
Updated 3 Feb 2017

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This set of code calculates ground water table changes in an Aquifer caused by stage variations like flood waves in nearby river, canal or a stream by two models. One method uses Laplace transform while other uses Fourier transform.
The first method also calculates bank storage and seepage of water across the banks. The model was originally developed by Moench and Barlow and was written in Fortran77. It is available under:
It is here translated into MATLAB language which enables the users to play with results while modelling like one can do optimization which is quite easy to do in MATLAB as compared to in Fortran77. The function file
named 'stlkmain' contains what was originally 'stlk1'. The second model was develped by Dong et al and uses Fourier Sine Transform to solve heat equation. For details follow:
The function file 'FST' contains code for that model. It requires much lesser input parameters as compared to that of STLK1 as it is relatively simpler. The user can prepare input file just like that required for stlk1 which is mentioned in documentation of 'stlk1' or he can give self defined input variables. In later case, the user has to define all the variables itself. The description of these variables is given in file 'inputvar.m' . The user is prompted to enter file name containing input data with '.dat' extension. To run this code, user is provided with ideal flood wave and ideal observed response at a well in file named 'ii.dat'. Please enter name of this file to observe results.

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In this updated version a new file named FCT is added which solved 2d Heat equation problem with Fourier Cosine Transform approach to include the impact of low conductivity stream bed sediments by a parameter named leakance.