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Create a simple spinner control using 3 uicontrols.


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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SPINNER creates a simple 'spinner' control, using an edit window and 2 pushbuttons.
This includes an example GUI (SPINNERGUI) that uses two spinners together.

Here's the online help:

SPINNER create a 'spinner' from an edit box and two pushbuttons
SPINNER(PROP1,VAL1,PROP2,VAL2,...) creates the spinner with the specified
property values.
Position : pixel position rectangle, default [20 20 60 20]
Min : minimum value, default 0
Max : maximum value, default 1
StartValue : initial value, default 1
Step : increment value, default 0.1
Callback : callback (can be a string, function handle,
or cell array with a function handle), default ''
Tag : name for spinner object.
H = SPINNER returns the handle for the edit box that contains the value.
Access it's String or Value property to get the string or value from the
[H,H2] = SPINNER returns the handles for the pushbuttons in H2.
S = SPINNER(OBJ) returns the spinner data for the figure. If there are
multiple spinners in the figure, then passing in the figure handle will
return an array of structures. Passing in the handle of one of the
uicontrols that comprise a particular spinner will return the structure
for that spinner only.


fig = figure;
h = spinner('Parent',fig,...
'Position',[100 100 60 40],...

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Steve Simon (2021). SPINNER (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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