RF24 Simulink Library for Arduino and Raspberry Pi

A Simulink library for communicating via the RF24 Mesh library
Updated 14 Apr 2017

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This is a small library that lets users communicate with RF24 chips on Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards.
This library relies on the RF24Mesh library, and has S-functions that interact with the classes there.
Install it by running the function rf24libs_installer, optionally with the argument true if you don't want to save the path.
The library contains blocks for configuring a network node, and for sending and receiving data. The RF24 Mesh library is built to have one master node, and a self-organizing mesh of slave nodes communicating with the master node (and potentially each other).
There are also two example files, one for a Raspberry Pi and one for an Arduino. In this example, the Arduino read measurement data from a temperature sensor and sends it to the master (RPi). This in turn, receives the data and posts it to ThingSpeak (https://thingspeak.com/).
Users will have to use support packages for Arduino and Raspberry Pi, and also configure the models to comply with their hardware and ThingSpeak settings.
This work was only possible thanks to the great work of https://github.com/TMRh20, providing the libraries needed to work with the RF24 chips.
There is also an article about using this on the ThingSpeak blog: http://community.thingspeak.com/tutorials/matlab/building-a-dynamic-and-self-organizing-network-of-devices/.

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Anders Sollander (2024). RF24 Simulink Library for Arduino and Raspberry Pi (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/59127-rf24-simulink-library-for-arduino-and-raspberry-pi), MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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New version, 1.0.3, without p-files.
Added link to article.