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Line - Goto/From Tool

version 1.4 (1.06 MB) by McSCert
The Line to Goto/From tool converts signal lines to Goto/From connections, and vice versa.


Updated 22 Jul 2020

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The use of Goto/From blocks or signal lines helps to increase Simulink model readability where appropriate. In models with many signal line crossings, converting some signal lines to Goto/From blocks helps in decluttering the model. Conversely, using signal lines for straightforward connections, instead of Goto/From blocks, allows developers to more easily follow the visual data flow. The Line-Goto/From tool quickly converts signal lines to Goto/From blocks, as well as Goto/From blocks to signal lines.

• For instructions on installation and how to use the tool, please see the included user guide: LineToGotoFrom/doc/LineToGotoFrom_UserGuide.pdf.

• This tool relies on our Simulink Utility. Please download it here:

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McSCert (2021). Line - Goto/From Tool (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Monika Jaskolka

@Francis Cossette: After looking into the code, I believe the delay may be caused by the need to load the Simulink block library on the first run of the tool. The tool needs to open this library so it can add Goto and From blocks. If you have opened the Simulink Library Browser prior to running the tool, there should be no delay. Unfortunately, how fast the loading is done is out of our control.


@Francis Cossette: Thank you for checking out our tool. We are interested in looking at your model, so we can resolve this issue. If you are able to send it to us, please e-mail us at:

Hamza Bourbouh

Very nice tool.
I noticed it supports only local scope in Goto/From blocks.
An improvement could be to expand it to a global or scoped scope?
and also be applied to Data Store Memory blocks

Francis Cossette

This tool is really great!
Only thing to improve as I see it is the time it's taking on the first "right-click" in the model : it takes minutes.


I used goto2Line function in my master's Thesis and cited this page, thanks for sharing.


Works perfectly on R2015b

Ross Leppard

A very useful little tool, saved me a lot of time when tidying up some large models.

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Created with R2019a
Compatible with any release
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