Read a dose volume histogram (DVH) exported from MIM
Updated 24 Oct 2016

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structures = import_mim_dvh(filename) reads and parses comma seperated value (.csv)
mim DVH filename and returns structures, an array of structs corresponding to the
structures on the DVH. the structures in the array have the following fields:

name: name of structure
dose: vector of dose (x axis of DVH)
volume: vector of % volume (y axis of DVH)
totalvolume: volume of this structure
example: read a DVH and plot dose vs. volume for the ptv
>> structures = import_mim_dvh(filename);
>> structures(1).name
ans =
>> figure; plot(structures(1).dose, structures(1).volume); title(structures(1).name);

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Dylan O'Connell (2024). import_mim_dvh (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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