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fpat: a fuzzy pattern detector

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the only pattern detector you will ever need


Updated 16 Jul 2007

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Schwarz, Shoelson & Amphlett, Retailers Of Fine MATLAB Cloth Since 1987, proudly announce another piece of visionary software:

FPAT - A Fuzzy Pattern Detector

Did you ever listen to a toddler talk?
Easily your brain finds words amongst the noisy babble...
Did you ever think of faulty DNA?
Easily nature finds a way of just grabbing the relevant nucleotide patterns...

Now imagine a tainted string of bits - be characters or numbers - and you must find a certain pattern amongst all the noise!

FPAT is your solution!

Look at the complementary published M-file for a few examples.

Want to know more?
Want to give it a try?
Download FPAT right now!
And experience the computational power of the next generation - today.

SSA, a CSSM based international company

due to restructuring of the FEX, the original web page, which was maintained by all three authors, is no longer active. it can be visited here

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Comments and Ratings (3)

mahdi sohrabi

Jane Woods

This advertisement was so cool and truly different; it really caught my attention! And the function is even better, runs like a charm and extremely fast. Very useful for our lab! Great stuff, great company.


(PB) Peter Bodin

Works great and is surprisingly fast.


added web pointer to page of original authors

- added several new options to retrieve subsets of matching patterns
- see help fpat for instructions

- added an isoverlap flag vector to summary of pattern matches
- included fpatdemo.m in distribution

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Compatible with any release
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