Matrix digital rain (raining code) with a message emerging i

This file generates a video just like the Matrix digital rain with a message emerging in the end.
Updated 24 Jul 2019

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You can embed any message you want for your special one within the cool Matrix digital rain. The code is fully customizable and fully vectorized (with a single for-loop). Remember to flip the video file horizontally afterwards to get the mirrored characters! Here is an example of the generated video (
To reproduce the visual effect of the Matrix digital rain, the following features are incorporated:
(1) Randomized rain length
(2) Randomized rain falling speed
(3) Head effect: the first 3 characters of each rain are brighter and whiter
(4) Tail effect: the brightness of the trailing characters of each rain fade gradually
(5) Randomized tail length
(6) Rain characters change randomly at a given rate
(7) Rain characters have randomized brightness
The rendering with the default parameters take about 20 mins, so be patient. Matlab text() function is not fast.

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Yifan Gu (2024). Matrix digital rain (raining code) with a message emerging i (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2011a
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux
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Version Published Release Notes

Fix a bug specific to most recent Matlab versions.
Disable display when generating video file for performance consideration.

Some clean up.

(1) Fully vectorize the code: there is only one for-loop left.
(2) Pre-generate the text objects and update them instead of generating new objects at every time step. This brings a performance improvement by a factor of 2. Drawnow() is slow.

Add the screen shot and a youtube link to the video example.