This function allows one to reduce to results of DEFUN through the use of a keyword.
Updated 31 Mar 2016

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% DEPFUN2 finds the M-file dependencies of an m-file whos
% path also contains a KEYWORD. It relies upon the use of the
% DEPFUN function. DEPFUN2 accepts a keyword to 'grep' for allowing
% the return of m-files that are only found on a specific path (a users
% path for example). The keyword (or part of a word) is used to find
% matches in the full pathname of all files that the m-file depends upon.
% SYNTAX: G=depfun2(fname);
% G=depfun2(fname,[]);
% G=depfun2(fname,keyword);
% G=depfun2(fname,keyword,varargin);
% fname - The name of the m-file for which to determine dependencies
% keyword - The keyword used to retain m-files whose pathname contains 'keyword'
% DEFAULT keyword is unix('whoami') on UNIX platforms.
% varargin - Any of the various arguments that DEPFUN usually accepts.
% Example: G=depfun2('bench','graphics','-quiet','-toponly'); % Returns FEWER results than...
% G=depfun2('bench','graphics','-quiet'); % Because this includes indirectly called m-files
% On Unix Platforms the DEFAULT of:
% G=depfun2('test');
% Is equivalent to:
% [STATUS,USERNAME]=unix('whoami');
% G=depfun2('test',deblank(USERNAME),'-quiet');

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Daniel Ennis (2024). depfun2 (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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