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It returns estimated Y for sigmoid for given PARAM and X


Updated 10 Feb 2017

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sigm_fit_val returns estimated Y for the sigmoidal function with given PARAM and of a given X vector.

The functions sigm_fit and sigm_fit_val are the equivalent of the builtin
Matlab functions polyfit and polyval for sigmoid functions.

sigm_fit is available on

Syntax: [yhat] = sigm_fit_val(param,x)

xdata=[0 ,50 ,100 ,150,200,250 ,300,350,400,450,500, 550,600, 650, 700,750, 800, 850, 900, 950,1000];
ydata=[-29,-205,-156,-50 ,-28,-103,249,120,86,178,740,1199,918,1096,1065,1074,1004,1193,1122,860,1045];
[param]=sigm_fit(xdata,ydata,[],[0 1000 500 0.01],0)
x = 0:20:1000;
[yhat] = sigm_fit_val(param,x);

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Inspired by: sigm_fit

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